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  Dancing, Hands and Feet – 2018 Arts Corridor Exhibition
  Dispositif: Extension of Ju Ming's Exhibitions in Europe
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  2018/07/06~ 2019/06/02   2018/05/26~2019/03/31  
Founder Ju Ming was born in 1938 in the town of Tungshiao in Miaoli County, Taiwan.   The 2018 Arts Corridor invites artists, REACH, DEBE and Lve Wang to work in situ along the 200-meter Arts Corridor. They present the theme, Dancing, Hands and Feet, and hold interactive activities, making Arts Corridor a platform of sharing and exchange among the artists, audience and the Museum over what they created together.   Under Ju Ming's European agent Hervé Odermatt's disposal, Ju Ming took a further step in the world stage since the exhibition 1997 at La Place Vendôme in Paris, and the exhibitions in Luxembourg, Belgium, Venice and Berlin. Odermatt’s orchestration of Ju Ming’s exhibitions in Europe underlined the multiple intersections of power among art, politics, and economics.  
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2018 Ju Ming’s Latest Exhibition: Living World Series - Ballet
  Art-eology Zoo-2018 Exhibition of Juming Museum Collection
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2018/05/26~2019/03/31   2018/02/16 - 2019/01/06    
In this brand new set of works Living World Series – Ballet, Ju Ming combines the feminine postures represented in Living World Series – Skirt Story with the innovative explorations of the use of stainless steel developed in Living World Series – Swimming and the beauty and power of the ballet sculptures in bronze created from the sponge casting process.   The exhibition starts with the Museum collections featuring animals. Contemporary artists from Taiwan are also invited to show artworks related to this theme. It is an attempt to initiate a dialogue between the classic and the contemporary, to broaden viewers’ perspective, and to elevate their sense of aesthetics.    
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