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Ju Ming - Sculpting the Living World
  Turning Gazes:Women and Arts in Dialogue
  Rippling ‧ Roaming ‧ Emanating- Ju Ming’s World of Colors
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2014/02/28-2014/06/15   2013/04/27~2014/03/30   2013/03/16-2014/05/18  
All exhibits belong to the Living World Series, in which Ju Ming uses different materials to create sculptures that portray the stories of daily life, and people's different roles in family and our society.   The 2013 Women and Arts Exhibition features Turning Gaze: Women and Arts in Dialogue. Whichhas united the works of 23 multi-generational artists, male and female, Eastern and Western.   The exhibition starts with the wooden sculptures in the Living World Series and extends into two-dimensional artworks, which have rarely been shown as a collection in the past.....  
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Ju Ming’s Exhibition
Living World Series – Imprisonment
  A Review of Sculpting Art Development in Taiwan
The 1970s
  Ju Ming “Living World Series –Painted Wood”
  Getting Here
2010/9/16~2012/8/30   2012/03/16~2013/04/07   September 19th, 2009~(permanent)  
Among all of Ju Ming’s numerous artistic creations, his Living World Series is the most significant series to date. Begun in 1980, the project has been in development for more than thirty years......   Entering its 14th year, the Juming Museum is actively positioning itself as specializing in the area of sculpture, and paying attention to groundbreaking and seminal academic research.   1F, Main Building
The Living World Series features itself with an all-encompassing depiction of the world where people dwell......
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