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  Juming Museum is closed from 2nd November 2015 to 7th February 2016
  The Evolution of Form and Color-The Living World of Wood
2015 Exhibition of Ju Ming’s Wood Sculpture Collection
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2016/06/29-2017/12/31   2016/02/08-2017/01/15   2015/09/26-2016/10/30  
Founder Ju Ming was born in 1938 in the town of Tungshiao in Miaoli County, Taiwan.   The focus of this exhibition is on the landscape paintings from the museum collection, which illustrates the differences between internal and external representations among the artists.   They guide the viewers in an exploration of the development and relativity of the form and color in Ju Ming’s wood sculpture, and give a retrospective of the living world Ju Ming has sculpted.  
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Call for Applications for 2016 Juming Museum Exhibition
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Call for applications for Juming Museum Exhibition provides the platform for debut and exhibition to encourage contemporary art and explore the possibilities of three-dimensional art.      
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