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Juming Museum will be closed from February 9 to 18 for essential annual maintenance. We aim to provide a better environment and service for all our visitors.   In the spirit of giving back to the society and Ju Ming’s belief in planting the seeds of art, the call for applications for Juming Museum Exhibition provides the platform for debut and exhibition to encourage contemporary art and explore the possibilities of three-dimensional art.   This year, the research exhibition features the archives with Unforgettable – A Look Back on Their Time and the artworks with Zodiac Sculpture Group to examine the development, influence and contribution of Zodiac Sculpture Group.  
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A Symphonic Concoction: Sculpting Art in Taiwan in the 1980s
  Ju Ming’s Ceramic Living World
  Our Story – Strive for an Art Museum
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2014/09/27-2015/03/08   2014/07/05~2015/08/30   2014/05/24~2015/05/31  
The exhibition focuses on the 1980s this year with A Symphonic Concoction: Sculpting Art in Taiwan in the 1980s. The artworks, historical documents, and interviews will take the audience into the minds of the artists to understand their actions and influence on sculpting art in Taiwan.   The exhibition features 100 pieces of ceramic figurines, fish and poultry of Ju Ming’s Ceramic Living World.   This is a special exhibition dedicated to show viewers Ju Ming’s devotion and persistence, with “strive” as the central concept and In One Heart, the piece that symbolizes the Museum spirit as the centerpiece.  
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