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TITLE Artist Statement LINK Something To Wear - Ros Ruey Solo Exhibition Ros Ruey - CV Review by Susan Kendzulak September 28, 2008 In my artwork I explore the merging of the emotional and the rational, the relation between the imaginary and the realistic and on a more formal level the contradictions between art and object. I play with these notions through a concept that I call Fantastic Functionalism. I create pieces that question our relationships to one another and our relationships to objects. My work aims to help us look at everyday problems in a more playful manner.

I believe that it is important to use a playful manner to solve our everyday woes. "Something to Wear..." looks at clothing as objects that exist beyond their basic and secondary functions, those of warmth and fashion. Fashion and body are tools that can enhance and assist our everyday lives. How do we choose to use this tool? The manner in which we dress, carry ourselves and what we wear are opportunities to communicate how we interact with ourselves and how we interact with society. What we wear becomes the social body in this exchange between ourselves and our environment and the exchanges we have within ourselves. "Something to Wear..." examines these internal dialogues through an external process. Each piece offers hopeful, and sometimes poetically naive, solutions to everyday problems.

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