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Art-eology Zoo 2018 Exhibition of Juming Museum Collection DATE 2018/02/16 - 2019/01/06 Gallery I Though human beings often consider themselves as being superior to other animals, humans are actually one of them, sharing similar traits, instincts, and close relationships. Animals are essential to human lives, satisfying daily needs and providing emotional comfort. Such connection became inspirations shared by artists around the world. They try to express concern for the environment, relate personal sentiment, and use their artwork as metaphors for the living world or their fantasies.

Animals thus become an important theme for art, playing out their emotions, stories after stories. The 2018 Exhibition of Juming Museum Collection is titled, Art-eology Zoo, which traces the motives behind the use of animals in art, and gains insight into the ideology behind the stories in order to shed light on their unique meanings and diverse presentations. The word, “zoo”, does not refer to a confined space in which animals are kept to satisfy human audience. Instead, it refers to the kaleidoscopic field where artists tell their stories with animals. The exhibition starts with the Museum collections featuring animals. Contemporary artists from Taiwan are also invited to show artworks related to this theme. It is an attempt to initiate a dialogue between the classic and the contemporary, to broaden viewers’ perspective, and to elevate their sense of aesthetics.

In this exhibition, the animal stories are divided into the imaginary, fabled and local stories. The Imaginary Story tells how animals become artists’ medium to construct a fantasy world detached from reality, and means to express emotions beyond words. The Fabled Story is a reflection of artists’ observations toward all beings on earth, implying and inferring the unique similarities between humans and animals. The Local Story voices the tales of emotional connections between animals and the artists during their local and other travels, including nostalgia for the native land, poetic associations, social concerns and the love for nature.


Ju Ming, Wu Chuan-Lun, Shen Yao-Chu, Hsi Shih-Pin, Chen Yu-Erh, Chen Yi-Ru, Chen Yi-Chang, Chen Kai-Chih, Chen Fu-Shan, Huang Yi-Sheng, Yuyu Yang, Salvador Dali, Liao Yu-An, Liu Chi-We, Liu Je-Rong, Ou Hao-Nian, Su Meng-Hung

Thanks: YIRI ARTS, Tina Keng Gallery, Liang Gallery

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