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Dispositif Extension of Ju Ming's Exhibitions in Europe DATE 2018/05/26 - 2019/03/31 Main Building of Juming Museum, 2F Since the 1997 exhibition at La Place Vendôme in Paris, Ju Ming’s exhibitions began to take place at the heart of urban development in European cities such as Luxembourg, Brussels, and Berlin. Such a successful extension derived not only from the help of Ju Ming’s long-time friends (Johnson Chang, Sir David Tang, Tsin-Tong Tsui, and Shaw-Lan Wang) but also from the proactive support of Hervé Odermatt whose rich repertoire of contacts was a crucial factor in drawing the attention of political and business elites in Europe to the artist. Different from museum exhibitions, Odermatt’s orchestration of Ju Ming’s exhibitions in Europe underlined the multiple intersections of power among art, politics, and economics, corresponding to a rapidly changing world of the end of the twentieth century.

It was in this context that Odermatt moved from the trading of art works to the artist “Ju Ming” and further promoted Ju Ming’s exhibitions in Europe. The public space in which the exhibitions took place was at the heart of city, a site for art, fashion, business, and politics to interweave. Such a convergence of all sorts of heterogeneous elements symbolized the distribution of power in a variety of dominant sectors, through which the sculptures from Ju Ming’s Taichi Series were placed, one after another, at the center of Brussels, in front of a bank in Luxembourg City, and on the avenue leading to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

For many artists, Europe was the pantheon of art and Paris in particular was considered as their lodestar. It was never easy for an artist to have a visible presence in Europe and there was no exception for Ju Ming. In 1980s, Ju Ming was relocated to the United States for further development, and yet he still proactively sought opportunities for holding exhibitions in Europe. In the face of changing times, the artist persistently devoted himself to artistic creation and also believed in Johnson Chang’s orchestration and Odermatt’s dispositions. By doing so, Ju Ming reached another milestone in his artistic career by fulfilling the dream of holding exhibitions in Europe.

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