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PROJECTNAME The Great Expedition - 2016 Exhibition of Ju Ming’s Collection DATE 2016/11/26 ~ 2018/04/01 GALLERY Main Building of Juming Museum, 1F Innovation has always been Ju Ming’s conviction in his world of aesthetics. From the Nativist Series, Taichi Series to the Living World Series, he never indulged in success or stopped moving forward. Instead, he let go of what he had acquired and challenge the unknown. Aside from choosing different subjects, working with different mediums becomes his means of innovation. He is never bound by one particular material, but seeks the possibility of many, which is a sign of the array of his creativity and his distinct personal trait. Ju Ming started studying carving with the master, Lee Chin-Chuan at the age of 15, and now he is about to turn 80. His career in art spans over 60 years, and he is still charging forward, a true display of “art as a monastic practice.”

As a retrospective of Ju Ming’s diverse paths in art, Juming Museum presents The Great Expedition – 2016 Exhibition of Ju Ming’s Collection. The exhibition focuses on the core element of Ju Ming’s innovation – materials. It is developed into six subtopics, Wood – Carving, Clay – Sculpting, Sponge – Binding, Stainless Steel – Rolling and Lustering, and Collage – Composite Materials. Six creative approaches with six series of artworks form the common thread of Ju Ming’s material exploration and artistic extension. Material Exploration brings viewers not only a retrospective of the astounding artworks, but also his sense of aesthetics in how he approaches the materials. Artistic Extension reveals how Ju Ming has pushed forward his own artistic boundary, in anticipation that his creative philosophy will inspire the viewers to push forward their own.

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