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TITLE Ju Ming’s Exhibition Living World Series – Imprisonment DATE 2010/9/16~2012/8/30 VENUE 1F, Main Building Among all of Ju Ming’s numerous artistic creations, his Living World Series is the most significant series to date. Begun in 1980, the project has been in development for more than thirty years, and during this time his format and subject matter have managed to both maintain continuity as well as break new ground. One area which remains unchanged is Ju Ming’s deep insight into an awareness of the living world. Each and every one of his carved figures profoundly embodies his realizations. At the same time, Ju Ming’s artistic and creative visual process has perpetually progressed, establishing a new course in aesthetics. These new breakthroughs and subsequent transformations result in an abundant amount of richly conceived works. Pieces from his newly created Living World Series – Imprisonment are very symbolic and representative of his work. By breaking free from the constrictive bounds of form and instead being rooted in the use of aesthetic thought and artistically expressive techniques, they have opened the doors to unusual propositions and new ways of thinking for Ju Ming’s Living World Series.

The Living World Series – Imprisonment is an extension of Ju Ming’s evolving aesthetics and artistic philosophy. It is a three-sculptural set that symbolizes three axes of life philosophy – i.e., that of imprisoning others, being imprisoned by others, and self-imprisonment. Here, Ju Ming sets forth a new creative perspective as he breaks out of form-based thinking, and turns towards the exploration of issues that people face within. The rendition of three scenarios represents a process of multilevel philosophizing that proceeds from external realism to a symbolism-based concept, and finally to musings on the spiritual dimension of an abstract notion. Through this opus, Ju Ming is unfolding his ruminations on the philosophical issue of “choice,” consciously demonstrating that one’s value as a person is rooted in one’s very self.

Ju Ming has deepened and extended his focus in the Living World Series from an initial exploration of artistic essence to a noumenal thinking posited on the value of life and relationships which exist within social structures. The Living World Series – Imprisonment represents not only a new direction and transition for Ju Ming’s Living World Series, but to Ju Ming himself, who is already over seventy years old, the series exemplifies his expectations and the new discoveries of his creative career.

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