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TITLE Something To Wear - Ros Ruey Solo Exhibition DATE 2008/06/28~2008/09/28 LINK Rosa Ruey - CV Artist Statement Review by Susan Kendzulak September 28, 2008 About Exhibition “Something To Wear…” is the first selected exhibition on the theme of “Body/Fashion!?”. In 2007, Juming Museum launched a Call for Application Submissions on this theme. Rosa Ruey is one of the chosen artists. Based in New York, the American-born Chinese artist presents her works in a manner of playful communication. Ruey uses medium of clothing to explore the interaction between the wearers, the clothes and their surrounding spaces. She questions how fashion and clothing influences one’s mind, body and society and vice versa.

Rosa Ruey’s work takes atypical situations from daily life and explores the interactive relationship between the self, the self and others, as well as the self and the environment. Through the concept of “Fantastic Functionalism” that she has developed, her art work operates between the emotional and the rational, fantasy and reality. Ruey directs a play of “problem-solving” based on the inescapable present, with casts of seemly impractical clothing and props. Through painting, installation or performance, Rosa Ruey builds a colorful and fantastical playground which points towards a contemporary reality.

“Something To Wear…” includes two series of works developed by Rosa Ruey from 2005 to 2008 - Wearables and Movables. Wearbles is ten pieces of creative, pseudo-clothes and Movables is eight pieces of movable objects which aim to highlight the functions of Wearables. The artist also brings the meaning of ‘art in action’ into the show. On the night of the opening, the performers in Wearables, will unlock the energy of participation in “Something To Wear…”. Against a backdrop created by the artist, audiences are invited to try on Wearables themselves, thereby completing the art project by playing a central part in it.

For Rosa Ruey, clothing exists beyond the functions of fashion and warmth; it is also a tool that can improve our daily life. The manner in which we carry ourselves and what we wear might reflect how we interact with ourselves and how we interact with the society. Through the exhibition, audiences are expected to rethink the meaning of fashion, and open-up a dialog between the function of fashion and its possibilities.

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