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Dancing, Hands and Feet 2018 Arts Corridor Exhibition DATE 2018/07/06~2019/06/02 GALLERY Arts Corridor Every July and August, Juming Museum invites several emerging artists to work in situ along the 200-meter Arts Corridor. The Museum also holds interactive activities, making Arts Corridor a platform of sharing and exchange among the artists, audience and the Museum over what they created together. The 2018 Arts Corridor invites renowned artists, REACH, DEBE and Lve Wang to work in situ and present the diverse images of Juming Museum with their own artistic lexicons. The theme, Dancing, Hands and Feet, does not only correspond to 2018 Ju Ming’s Latest Exhibition: Living World Series – Ballet. It is an interpretation of the beauty and characteristics of dancing. It is also an exploration of the relationship between painting and dancing.

Dancing is an artistic form and expression with rhythmic movements. The dancers’ medium is the rhythmic body language, while the painters’ are the various materials they apply onto a two-dimensional surface. However, can dancing be regarded as a dynamic form of painting? It seems as though each dance movement can be fused with the backdrop and becomes a painting itself. In the eyes of the viewers, the colors and form within a painting also creates dance-like rhythms. Is the process of painting a performance worth watching just like dancing? The theme of this year’s Arts Corridor is Dancing, Hands and Feet. Dancing is not just about the choreography. It requires the dancer’s physical engagement with their hands and feet, sometimes jumping or hopping, which echoes the process of creating the mural. It requires not only the artist’s hands to move the paintbrush, but also the feet to switch positions. The mural, along with the multiple forms and colors within, are extensions of the relationship between painting and dancing. Viewers get to enjoy the multi-layered sensational feast, and ponder the diverse artistic lexicons.

Working in situ:2018/07/06 - 2018/08/31
Exhibition:2018/09/01 - 2019/06/02

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