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Introduction of Juming Museum Founder
Ju Ming was born in 1938 in the town of Tungshiao in Miaoli County, Taiwan. The Nativist Series expresses his admiration for the rural characters and traditional culture. The Taichi Series shows the development of his unique style and creative lexicon, while The Living World Series reflects his acute observation of the mundane world. On the path to art, he never stops searching for breakthroughs and innovations. “Art as a practice” is his philosophy toward art and his faith in life.

Juming Museum
The museum is Ju Ming’s largest artwork to date. He personally designed the architecture, landscapes, wirings and plumbing. Not only did he purchase the property to build the museum, but he also donated over 2000 pieces of his own works and personal collection to the museum for the public to view. Starting from the ground up, it took Ju Ming 12 years to finish the construction work and he had turned a vacant land into a sculpture park. The museum officially opened in 1999, planting the seeds of art in the soil of Taiwan.

With a total area of 110,000 square meters, artworks are arranged in the vast outdoor space in the museum creating a dialogue and interaction with the mountains and ocean view. As visitors set foot in here, they become parts of this museum and parts of the masterpieces in which they can relax and embrace art and nature. We offer a range of facilities for special events, corporate meetings, or training sessions for businesses, organizations and individuals.

For facility rental,
please call +886-2-24989940, ext. 1704–1708
Juming Museum is perfect for children’s arts education. Interactive learning from nature and art will enlighten children’s senses, and autonomous learning will inspire their creativity and independent thinking.

For teacher’s workshops, discussion of case studies, school field trips, and group lessons,
please call +886-2-24989940, ext. 1208
As a sculpture and research center, Juming Museum holds various exhibitions worldwide featuring two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks and conducts sculpture research focusing on Ju Ming. The museum has also set up departments for art conservation, exhibition design and publishing.

For art conservation and exhibition collaborations,
please call +886-2-24989940, ext. 1704 – 1708.

To submit papers to The Sculpture Research Semiyearly and academic exchange, please call +886-2-24989940, ext. 1505.

To submit articles to JM Quarterly,
please call +886-2-24989940, ext. 1203.
The Museum is a place which enriches our minds and spirits. We offer a range of gifts and designed products with aesthetic and practical appeal as well as a selection of featured books. We also provide dining services in a family-friendly environment.

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