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TITLE Taichi Series Ju Ming's first international exhibition was in Tokyo Central Museum in 1977.

In the 70's, his works were exhibited in different Asian countries, and his Taichi Series works established him as a great artist in Asia. His Taichi Series-Single Whip was acquired by Hakone Open-Air Museum, Japan.

It was Mr. Yang's suggestion that made Ju Ming started learning taichi boxing. Because he was always quite concentrated in everything he did, he learned taichi boxing with the same mind set, which allowed him to obtain the essence and true meaning of the ancient boxing, which were then incorporated into his works.

Taichi seemed to fit perfectly with Ju Ming's temperament, his respect for nature, his treatment of wood in allowing it to speak for itself. A respect for the existing structures of nature is also inherent in the spirit of Taichi.

Ju Ming's Taichi Series works, made in Ju Ming's middle age, are his famous works. In Taichi Square, most of the works on display are large-size bronze works made from foam molds. Their sheer size and magnificent shapes put visitors in the state of taichi. In fact, Ju Ming is from the grass roots and plain folks. Though this grass roots feeling is an important attribute of him, what he has most concerned himself is an important attribute of him, what he has most concerned himself with throughout his sculpture career, has been the spiritual aspect, especially the spiritual aspects associated with life. His Works of Taichi Series are the tangible embodiment of his concern for the spiritual aspect.

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