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TITLE Children Create, Do Not Compete DATE 2004/09 The Juming Museum held children’s creative competitions since 2000 in the hope that schools would value the development in art education. From just over a thousand works entering the first competition, the competition expanded exponentially to ten thousand works by the fourth competition. Yet, the sudden popularity of the competition led the museum staff to re-evaluate the possible downsides: specifically, are the students beginning to misconstrue competition as the end itself rather as a means to an art education? Is there any better way to promote art education? Thus, the museum’s program was changed to eliminate competition in favour of creation. Based on ideas of thematic demonstrations, cooperation between the school and the museum, a travelling exhibition of what has been accomplished, and just through the process of “play,” children are free to express their unique originality in their own works through experience, observation and thinking and imagination. At the same time, to honour the tradition of rewarding the exceptional works, in 2007 the museum held a travelling exhibition displaying the accumulation of two years of cooperation result at the Sunshine Elementary School in Hsinchu City, National Pingtung University of Education, and National Taitung University. This is the way we fulfil our social responsibility in the area of art education by sharing our experiences with children art education professionals from different regions and engaging in discussions concerning the most pressing issues.

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