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TITLE Opening of the Juming Museum DATE 1999/09 Opening of the Juming Museum Initially, Ju Ming acquired the land in Chin-shan only to store his large sculptures. He then soon realized that these sculptures stood out particularly well in a natural setting, so he decided to build a museum. With the aspiration to create the largest artwork in his career, Ju Ming was personally involved in both the design and execution of the whole project. After twelve years of effort, on September 19th, 1999, the Juming Museum took its place in the art and museum history of Taiwan. Today, the Juming Museum is not only the largest outdoor art museum in Taiwan, but also provides a unique venue for modern art.

Arts Corridor,Artist-in-Residence Program Every year, the Juming Museum selects and sponsors one resident artist and helps the artist plan exhibitions in different venues. It has opened a 200-meter Arts Corridor, choosing several young artists or art students to produce their work on site. It not only provides young artists a chance to showcase their talent, but also helps the public understand the artists and their work better.

The Museum Shuttle Bus from the Danshui Line began service The Museum Shuttle Bus began regular service from the Danshui MRT station to the Juming Museum. This is the first time a special bus service had been established to connect the Juming Museum and mass transportation system in Taipei.

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