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November through April
Open Tuesday to sunday Also open on Monday that national hoildays  
2004/07 Transformation of “Children Winter and Summer Art Camps” into the “Children Sculpture Camp”    
2004/04 Children’s Volunteers Guided Tour Program    
2003/02 ACE Art Teachers Program Increases local Community Involvement    
2002/09 The Juming Museum held Its First large Fundraising Activity on the Third Anniversary     
2002/03 The Museum won the Group Prize of “Developing Social Education Award” from Ministry of Education and Taipei County Government    
2001/11 The Museum Shuttle Bus Danshui Line suspended    
2001/09 Ju Ming Gave New Work “Taichi Series -- Taichi Arch” at the 2nd Anniversary    
2001/05 “Year-round Art Ticket” Sponsorships    
2001/02 The First Children’s Art Camp Started    
2000/12 The Juming Museum Won the 14th Overseas Prize at the Tokyo Creation Awards    
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